Clinical trial - Twendee X

Long COVID and Vaccine side effects with Twendee X treatment

Antioxidant compound

The antioxidant compound Twendee X (TwX) (TIMA Tokyo Co.,Ltd.) was used in this study, which is a combination of eight antioxidant ingredients: vitaminC, L-glutamine, cystine, coenzymeQ10, fumaricacid, succinicacid, niacin, and vitamin B2. It reduces oxidative stress in cells and mitochondria by 45-63% and increases SOD by 60-147%. The ability of TwX to scavenge hydrogen peroxide, a type of reactive oxygen species, is significantly higher than that of vitamin C and vitamin E (3 times higher, and 2.5 times higher than each) under the same concentration conditions (0.23mg/ml).

In a Japanese multi centre double blind, placebo controlled, prospective interventional clinical trial in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI)(native Japanese aged 65 85 years), TwX has proven to be effective in preventing dementia In this paper, TwX was kindly provided free of charge by TIMA Tokyo Ltd to those suffering from long COVID and the vaccine side effects.

Study methods and results

People complaining of symptoms from long COVID or vaccine side effect were recruited via the web. At the time of recruitment, participants were asked to self report the duration and the severity of their 8 typical symptoms at the pre-dose point on a 6-point scale from no symptoms (0) to severe symptoms (5) (Table 1). After the questionnaire, participants were asked to take TwX daily for 1 month before being asked to self report the severity of their typical symptoms on a similar 6 point scale. In the post treatment questionnaire, we did not disclose the pre treatment data to avoid any preconceptions.

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How to apply Twendee-X?


Every morning, 30 minutes before breakfast take 1 tablet per 20 kg body weight. In case your weight is 50 kg, please take three tablets, if your weight is 70 kg, please take 4 tablets and if your weight is 90 kg, you may want to consider a more active life-style. Please keep exactly to the ratio, because that will grant the highest efficiency.

Kindly refrain from taking additional vitamin supplements.