Twendee X

What is Twendee-X?

The formula of Twendee-X was developed by

>> Prof. Dr. Haruhiko Inufusa


It consists of natural ingredients of the
highest purity and is manufactured
under GMP standard in Japan
in order to maintain impeccable quality.

What is the purpose of Twendee-X?

Oxidative Stress is a major reason for various physical and even mental deficiencies we experience during our life. Particularly, whilst aging and growing over 40 years old, we begin to experience a loss in energy and the slowly accelerating process of aging.

What causes oxidative stress?

1. Individual / internal prerequisites of coping with ROS, genetically set.

2. External factors like:

  • Consumption of alcohol, drugs, smoking
  • Consumption of industrially processed food
  • Exposure to sun
  • Exposure to radioactivity, such as during air traffic
  • Stress
  • Smog

How to counter oxidative stress?

Vitamin C is well known for its anti-oxidative properties. We humans unfortunately can not make much use of it. Even one would take high quantities the body will simple release it unused. In opposite mice can make very good use of vitamin C. That is why we find striving mice populations in areas like Chernobyl. Mice have the capacity to produce vitamin C by themselves and that is why mice can fight oxidative stress so well.

The unique formula Twendee-X  and its unique formula of the natural ingredients allows the human body to make make much better use of vitamin C.

That is one of the reasons why
Twendee-X is the most powerful
known anti-oxidant.



Long COVID and Vaccine side effects with Twendee X treatment

In a Japanese multi centre double blind, placebo controlled, prospective interventional clinical trial in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) TwX has proven to be effective in preventing dementia.

In a new paper, TwX was kindly provided free of charge by TIMA Tokyo Ltd to those suffering from long COVID and the vaccine side effects.

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Voice Disorder Treatment

The positive Influence of Twendee on our
Gut Microbiome

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How to apply Twendee X

How to apply Twendee-X?


Every morning, 30 minutes before breakfast take 1 tablet per 20 kg body weight. In case your weight is 50 kg, please take three tablets, if your weight is 70 kg, please take 4 tablets and if your weight is 90 kg, you may want to consider a more active life-style. Please keep exactly to the ratio, because that will grant the highest efficiency.

Kindly refrain from taking additional vitamin supplements.